Sonarr crashing after bulk importing anime

hello there

If I try to bulk import my anime series sonarr just crashes and I have to restart it. After the restart the series is added but it doesnt scan in and stays with a grey picture and crashes again after trying to scan in the files. My logs doesnt show anything what confuses me. Also when I add new anime series or I bulk import normal tv series it doesnt crash at all. I am really lost with this problem and cant find any solution on the forum or subreddit so I seek for help here now.

best regards fox

edit: It happens with almost every anime I have but with none normal tv. So its defenitely related to my anime collection

Could be a problem with a file and mediainfo, updating libmediainfo would be good.

Going to guess you’re running under mono (you neglected to include any of the requested information) and if mono crashes there won’t be any logged.

hei there thanks for replying. How would I do the libmediainfo update?

That’s going to depend on your OS and the package manager on it, but not something I can help with.

Libmediainfo fixed everything. Thanks!

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