Sonarr can't find Anime as well as TV Shows

Sonarr version (exact version): by
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
Debug logs:

Description of issue: I have tried to download anime with sonarr, it’s really great with tv shows, but can’t handle anime download as well as TV shows.
like I tried to download 2 series here.
“RWBY” and “Please take my brother away”
(may you say RWBY isn’t an Anime, yes, maybe, but anime sources has better encodes for it but sonarr can’t locate them)

even in the last year, it was unable to find them! but I thought that was my system problem! but now in a new NAS, I have the same problem and have to find and download some anime (like this 2 here) directly with Jackett

I can find them in Anime cat in too many indexers, but sonarr is unable to find them (manual or auto search)
for example:

20-11-15 17:46:43.2|Debug|Parser|Parsing string ‘[Sour] RWBY Season 8 Episode 01 - Divide [English][720p]’
20-11-15 17:46:43.2|Debug|Parser|Episode Parsed. RWBY Season 8 - 001

That’s at the very least an unexpected release name, if not a bad one. No release groups tend spell out Season outside of season packs. Sonarr can’t parse that and thinks the series title is RWBY Season 8 which is obviously wrong. Are all the releases for these series named so poorly?

Really not surprising Sonarr can’t find results if they’re named that way.