Sonarr cannot see ReadyNas folders in the share

After a bit of work of trying to get Sonarr to recognize any folder in my ReadyNas share, it appears that the issue is Mono. I had to install a version less than V6 to get it to work. As soon as I rolled back to a V5 release of Mono, my folders on my share were recognized.

However, if I reboot my Mini Mac with Catalina, I’m back to square one…the folders are no longer recognized. The only way I’ve worked around it up to this point is to reinstall Mono V5, reboot the machine, and then the folders are recognized again.

Any suggestions on how I can get around this problem?


Sonarr version
Mono version

The only suggestion I have is find out what is upgrading mono on reboot, I haven’t heard of that behaviour before so not sure what it could be.

I don’t think Mono is being upgraded…when I reboot it still shows the same version, but the folders on the share are not listed unless I go back and reinstall the same version of Mono.

This is what it showed after the reboot:

Mono Version

AppData directory


Startup directory





Digging a little more, if I start Sonarr from the terminal then the folders are available…if I start Sonarr from Finder, they are not. Two questions…is there an issue starting Sonarr from Finder and are there any compatibility issues with Mono V6?

Thanks again

No, but if the PATH environment variable is different than it’d just use whichever mono popped up.

Mono 6 does have issues in some setups, mostly around network drives.

Sounds like you have two different versions of mono installed, probably via two different mechanisms, homebrew vs installer or similar. Best to track down where they are coming from and get rid of one.

I’ll just remove the entire framework and reinstall mono from scratch. Do you suggest staying with V5.2 of mono?

5.20, not 5.2, but yes.

Ok…I think it’s up and running now. It appears that there were two issues. 1) Don’t use V6 of Mono and 2) for Catalina on Mac, you have to start Sonarr from the command line in terminal. If you don’t, you will not have access to the folders on your NAS. This is regardless of how you install Mono (GUI or terminal).

Also, I know you get a lot of questions and sometimes frustrated users…but, I appreciate all the hard work on this app and how useful it is…I’m sure I’m not alone in that regard. Thanks again.

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