Sonarr - Automatic Mapping of Series to Hard Drive

Is it possible to add new series to a specific hard drive based on a set of rules e.g. series with a title/name starting with the letter A, B or C get added to hard drive 1?

In v3 the closest you can get to that is a signle root folder and set the series folder format to something like: {Series TitleFirstCharacter}\{Series Title}, no plans for automatically picking a root folder/hard drive based on the first letter of the series’ title.

you can have multiple root folders, so unless youre doing this a lot then it should be pretty simple to just pick the right root folder when you add the series.

or you can just go back in and change it after its been added (v3 will optionally move all the files for you)

you could also use the mass editor options to change all their root paths in one go.

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