Sonarr and with Google Drive

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):.0.1.1
OS: Windows 10 64 bit
Debug logs:
Description of issue:


Is there a way to add series to Sonarr (or movies to Radarr) from google drive?.

I could also use it as a local drive or networked drive as I have both in my computer. All my files are in goole drive but I can not acces to them via sonarr, no problem with seedbucket from

Import existing series on Disk: When I try to use the path the only one that appears is the one from the seedbox. Not the google drive that I already have on seedbucket. I also tried tried making a local disk in my computer for the google drive with NetDrive3 but I can not fin this path either.

Thanks in advance,

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