Sonarr 4 & Synology 920+ Query

Having had Sonarr V2 failing due to the Mono issues since upgrading to DSM 7.1, Sonarr 3 has not resolved it after that upgrade. Getting the same rror many others are of not being bale to add any indexers on a clean install despite Radarr and Lidarr working ie. as not using Mono.

Spotted the Sonarr V4 dev version but am I reading that right the app will no longer support the Linux x86 which if I am not mistaken is the Syn 920+?

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According to Synology the DS 920+ has a Intel Celeron J4125, and according to Intel that CPU supports 64-bit instructions.

If your Synology supports docker then your best best for v3 or v4 beta is running in docker.

Thanks Marcus, yeah that seems to be the default answer these days. But the whole point of going Synology was for the gui interface, one click install. Not everyone has the knowledge required to install, configure at interact with dockers to be honest.

Woukd just be nice to have Sonarr as the ine click install like the other apps Radarr, Lidarr etc

Just like Radarr and Lidarr, Sonarr’s synology plugin is maintained by a 3rd party, but unfortunately for all of them they’re often out of date.

Synology has a UI to manage docker containers, it’s a little more than 1-click, but the benefit is you’re not dealing with an outdated install.

Cheers Markus, Ill have a dig into it and see if I can figure it out.

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