Sonar V3 Tags do nothing?

Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
Latest Windows 10 Pro:
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When i add a TAG like in the old version it should only get the anime serie with the tag in the name
For example Tag: “horriblesubs” it should only download the anime episode released by horriblesubs.
It just downloads the episodes from any release group.


That’s never been how it works, the tag is added to the series and the same tag is added to the Release Profile (previous restrictions in v2).

Whatever restrictions exist in a release profile are applied to the matching series.


So how do i set restrictions in V3 beta then?
I included my screenshots from V2 and V3
(I’m test driving V3 on my windows PC before moving on from V2 on my RPI2B+)


Exactly as you have done in 001.png (restrictions at the bottom of the screenshot) and 003.png (applied the tag to the series).

There is no fundamental difference between sonarr v2 and v3 on how this works. In v3 this functionality is called a Release Profile rather than Restriction.



Just found it under “Profiles” in V3 instead of “Indexer” under V2 :wink:
Thanks for the quick answers and help Markus101 and Thirrian

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