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British shows have “Christmas Specials”, and I’m finding it impossible to get Sonarr to see the files that are in the “Specials” folder. I’ve tried various combinations of naming for Sonarr to see it and then rename it to the standards set, but it just doesn’t pickup anything. The logs simply say “Found 0 extra files”. What am I doing wrong? …thanks

…\The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan\Specials\The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan - 0x01 - The Arctic.mkv

is 0x01 your episode naming format? and is Specials the folder name format for specials?
eg i have mine set to sXXeYY, and season 00 (for the specials folder)

personally i’d just move the file(s) outside of that root folder, then manually import it from the wanted page, not the series page - you’ll most likely need to set the series/season/episode it belongs to but it should import it and place it into the correct folder named how you have setup

you can then either keep importing the specials manually like that or at least youll now know what folder and format sonarr is using for specials (although that is set by you in the settings) and you can move and rename them yourself.

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And it’s found them. No idea why it wasn’t seeing them on a manual scan, but it found the episodes in Special and I was able to “Organize” so that they are named the same as other files.

thanks for the tips, will keep them in mind for the next time.