Sonaar network root folder issue

Sonarr version
Mono version
OS: Monterey 12.3.1
Debug logs: How do I attach?
Description of issue:

I’ve scoured the internet for a solution and I’m pulling my hair out.
This was all working perfectly they one day I get…Missing root folder: /Volumes/TV Shows

I am running Sonarr on Mac and the root folder is on a windows machine. From the Mac I can open the network drive, access files, transfer files all through the finder.

When I try to mat to the root folder at the bottom of http://localhost:8989/settings/mediamanagement, the drive is no longer available. I type /Volumes and the only options are the mac HD and Google Drive.

It asks below for a bunch of information I don’t know where to find. I would attached what I think is the log from Sonarr but I don’t even see how to do that!
HELP!!! :smiley:

The wiki link in the template ( tells you where the logs are and suggestion son where to upload them, then you link them here.

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