So, is V3 on windows ready to go...?

V2 has been running smoothly for years now, and I have no real need to change.

However, the urge to live on the bleeding edge is calling me, beckoning me forward towards the new version.

Is there any real reason not to install V3…??

Well, nevermind I guess, I went and installed V3 without a hitch. I’m retired and bored, and this took uo about 2 minutes. Doy…

Been using it for months, no issues to warrant not updating to it.

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Can you provide a download link?

Scroll down to bottom…

Been using v3 for about 2 years now… it’s fine. Not really sure why v2 even exists any more.

probably because if it didn’t exist you couldn’t still use it?

Obviously. The same applies to old versions of almost all software. The question is, why would the devs bother supporting v2 when v3 is more than production-ready. They should demise v2 and concentrate on the future.

because they obviously don’t deem it to be “production-ready” otherwise it would be relased as that.

anyway, just because something “still exists” doesn’t mean they don’t “concentrate on the future”.

You’re missing the point. Lots of us have been using it for literally years. There’s no question it’s as good as v2, and it’s arguably a lot better. It’s certainly more stable.

And all the time and resources they’re spending supporting v2 could be spent on v3, which would improve it faster. So no, while they are supporting two versions, they can’t “concentrate on the future”.

We haven’t actively worked on v2 in some time, so the “support” is answering peoples questions, which doesn’t really change a lot between v2 and v3. Supporting v2 is not prohibitive in improving v3.

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All I can say is that v3 seems to be working fine, and that all I could possibly ask for. Thanks to the guys that make it so…

no point being missed at all.
if the devs don’t class it as “production ready” then it’s not production ready - it’s really as simple as that.

how long you’ve been using it or what level of readiness you think it is at is quite irrelevant really.

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@tvcollector I think @chenks was just trying to have a little fun on your statement:

If you got rid of v2 you wouldn’t have it to have been using v2 for the last 2 years. You probably just had a typo and meant to say v3. ie v3 has been stable for last 2 years so maybe v2 is no longer valuable.

But it is great news that v3 has been working great for 2 years now for you (if that was indeed what you meant to say).

@markus101 your statement brings me to ask a burning question I have had.

Is there really any reason to stay with v2 anymore? A much earlier post (Sep 2018) you stated “At the moment v3 is considered an alpha.” However that was quite a while ago and many things could have changed since then.

I like what I have seen of v3 (especially as I am very comfortable with the tweaks Radarr has on their Sonarr branch of code) but I don’t want to be using it if has a lot of bugs to squish. (obviously all code can have bugs and you can’t guarantee a bug free experience). I am just wondering if v3 is for more of a risk friendly user.

My assumption has been that basically v3 is a new skin/UI to v2 code with some enhanced features. So if I use it like v2 it should be very stable (ie not depend on some of the new stuff yet). However, there is a lot more to it than that. So is v3 still very alpha or is it more of a beta?

I was just hoping for an update on where you think things stand since your Sep 2018 statement. Thanks for your time and all your hard work.

I guess this is my point. Having used it as my only Sonarr env since 2018, I’ve seen no bugs or issues with it. @DMacDude, I would not have any concerns about using it. If you’re unsure, clone your config folder, and spin up v3 as a docker container to use the clone. That’s what I did 2 years ago, and after a few months of no issues, I deleted the v2 instance.

From my personal experience I see no risk in using v3. Obviously, that’s anecdotal though, but I’ve seen nothing in this forum or reddit to indicate there are any issues in v3.

A lot has changed since September 2018, definitely beta at this point, just some fringe issues to fix before we make it the only available version.

Is there a list anywhere of outstanding issues to be fixed before release?

My experience with V3 is excellent. No desire at all to go back…

@markus101 Thank you for the update. I will update to v3.