So close with pr4100

I am so close to getting sonarr to work on my pr4100. Need a little help with folders. I think it is a permission issue.
First some background. Ive had the pr4100 for a few years now and run plex on it with no problem. I used to use my mac for sonarr and sabnzbd. I’d like to upgrade mac to catalina but after reading all the posts about trouble with permissions thought id see if i could do everything on nas. After learning about docker and portainer i have nzbget and sonarr running on my pr4100 in containers.
I have bunch of series on my nas in a folder /shares/Public/TV on nas. I can’t get sonarr on nas to see that folder to import them. I also can’t get it to move finished downloaded file into that folder. If I add a series I can search for an episode and sonarr will send it to nzbget to download but instead of moving it it stays in my completed folder. Sonarr does make a folder for it in the completed folder which is not where it is supposed to be.
Any help would be appreciated. I found using portainer much easier to use than pasting commands in terminal. Im wondering if i needed to do something different in volume binding when i set that up.

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