Slug for show Ivanhoe (1997) in use by show Ivanhoe (1958)

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OS: Windows 11
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There are 3 shows with the name Ivanhoe, one from 1958 (, one from 1970 (, and one from 1997 ( I would like to import them all.

Thank you, I have consulted the FAQ already, the files & directories for all 3 series are named appropriatly with the years of each series in them. ( “Ivanhoe (1958) - s01e01 - Title.ext” for example) punctionationis not an issue as there is none., and I make sure the matches are correct when importing the directory, but still get the Slug error.

The 1997 series needs to be renamed on tvdb as per their own guidelines, to include the year. That’s it. What your files are named has nothing to do with it.

Right now you can either add the original or 1997 show, plus the 1970 show to sonarr. Not all three.