Skyhook out of sync with

My sonarr installation was not showing the latest season of a show, i turned on trace logging and noticed the API URL that was being fetched.

URL: page:

Notice season 25 is missing in the skyhook response

I also noticed this entry in the JSON “lastUpdated”:“2020-08-09T22:02:18Z”

Does this indicate that the JSON has last been fetched from 2020-08-09, more than 3 weeks ago ?

Can someone have skyhook sync with the source ?

If you look back on any “out of sync”, or missing TVDB info threads you’ll see that it can take over 24 hours for Skyhook to sync with TVDB because TVDB has a 24 hour cache on their API.

If it hasn’t been 24 hours then you’ll just need to wait.

I understand that.
I believe it is at least 48 hours behind.

What does:


in the JSON reply signify ?

It’s the last time Skyhook pulled updated series/episode information from TheTVDB.

It looks like it’s good now, I see 6 episodes in season 6, though 3 are missing air dates and titles so Sonarr may not display them.