Single series doesn't download metadata properly

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Description of issue: Single series doesn’t download metadata properly

Ive added recently the BBC show Ghosts from 2019 year, oddly though the show has proper meta data in tvdb and other sources, Sonarr doesn’t displays images and shows only 3 episodes in total from season 1. Is there any way to change metadata source if the software is taking it from an incorrect place?

I came here for this exact same issue with the same show. I’ve got heaps of shows added, but this is the only one with this issue. I know I’m not adding any value with my response other than to show it’s not just you.

I can see that Sonarr is trying to get this from tvdb with an id of 362635, however the actual id of this show on tvdb is 361701. gets a not found.

This works with the correct series -

And here’s an answer as to what’s happened. Found this thread in the tvdb forums from a month ago.

Seems the series was duplicated on tvdb and the one sonarr is using (362635) was deleted. No idea how to resolve this however.

I did notice that one of the links that Sonarr presents in the show leads to a broken page but there were multiple sources and was wondering if we can refer to one of the rest

Ahhh, I found it. If you search for “Ghosts 2019” instead of just Ghosts when adding a series, both of the versions on tvdb appear. Then you can actually choose the right one.

May come in handy for you in the future, or other people with a similar issue:
As an alternative, you can search by id in sonarr by entering this in the search box: tvdb:361701
This ensures you have the correct Generic Name show you actually want :smile:

True that it worked splendidly. Both solutions did. Thank you very much for the assist.

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