Simple Request for more Targeting of Series

Allow the ability to change the default search for each show.
For example… History Channel - In Search of History
Sonarr wants to constantly try to download Forbidden History … and refuses to download anything. And before you ask. I have the latest version.
I checked the links of the series and they all point to the right series. I even tried to use an ID reference. It seems theat Sonarr has a problem with large ID formats. Such as The History Channel - etc ets.
I have been able to manually download the series so I KNOW it is a problem with Sonarr.
If I can figure out what else is happening I will post it. But Sonarr is evolving and someone is missing the mark.
And yes I have seen series with multiple pointers. I would like a way to add it to the series to allow more targeted download ability.

Probably your indexer has the capability to search by tvdb id and doesn’t link downloads to the show so you can find them with a search via the website but sonarr can’t.

Also “latest version” is meaningless. There’s people here still on v2 who think they have the “latest” version…

What indexers are you using? As you mentioned Forbidden History being returned, I am going to guess TheRARBG, and it’s specifically for the episode The Search for Noah's Ark - so it is matching history and search in the title.

Checking a dozen or so public trackers and MVGroup, there are fewer than 10 episodes available, almost all with 1 or 0 seeds. Checking predb sites, there’s fewer than 20, and some of those are for the same episode.

Public trackers are generally using the naming scheme:


The scene releases don’t include the leading HC.

There are no dates or episode numbers. Sonarr is currently searching In Search of History, followed by a date or episode number. Sonarr was never going to find them, no matter what alt title you wanted to add (unless you in some very niche private tracker that has a different naming scheme).

There’s no issue with Sonarr here.

For future reference, to add alt titles - Sonarr FAQ | Servarr Wiki