Shows downloaded using SABnzbd are not importing into Sonarr

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Windows 10
Debug logs:
Description of issue: Shows downloaded using SABnzbd are not importing into Sonarr. There is probably an obvious fix (probably something to do with my drives), but to be honest, I’m just fumbling my way through this. I was fine until the laptop I was using as my plex server died. After researching a lot of posts, I bought a HP 290 as my new server. It has a small SDD as the C drive and a HDD as the E drive. Initially I had lots of problems as everything was installing on the C drive and I was running out of space. I uninstalled and re-installed everything onto the E drive (as much as possible). I use a couple of external hard drives as my “P” drive which stores all my media.

Here is the log file. It is all gibberish to me. Is there a kind soul who is willing to help me navigate and resolve this problem?

Log file -!AoGe0MRM1WpigY5CKnmUL1qlL4xMIw?e=zfO6G0

Permissions and not reading the install instructions.

Sonarr is supported natively on Windows. Sonarr can be installed on Windows as Windows Service or system tray application.

Sonarr can be installed as system tray application or Windows Service. A system tray application is started after the user logs in and is visible as an icon on the taskbar system tray.
A Windows Service runs even when the user is not logged in, but special care must be taken since Windows Services cannot access network drives (\server\share or X:\ mapped drives) without special configuration steps.
Additionally the Windows Service runs under the ‘Local Service’ account, by default this account does not have permissions to access your user’s home directory unless permissions have been assigned manually. This is particularly relevant when using download clients that are configured to download to your home directory.
It’s therefore advisable to install Sonarr as a system tray application if the user can remain logged in. The option to do so is provided during the installer.

Thank you.