Shows being upgraded when set not to

Mono 6.12.0:

I’ve noticed over the last several weeks that some episodes for a show are being downloaded more than once. in the past week at least 4 different shows episodes were redownlioaded. I noticed with this weeks episode of The Equalizer that one was actually z264 and the other was x265, now last night’s Debtis Sonarr grabbed a x264 and a x265. I have Sonarr set to not upgrade so why I’m getting what I believe is an upgrade I have no idea. Any idea what might be going on? Thanks

Preferred words. x264 and x265 aren’t related to quality profiles.

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I don’t have any preferred words setup. I mentioned the x264 and x265 cause every time there are duplicates one says x264 in the title and the other says x265. This leads me to believe that Sonarr is upgrading even though I explicitly set it not to.

The logs you’ve included don’t show any grabs, we’ll need those first.

Also is the original file being imported? Is it being deleted later?

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I experienced the same but got one episode left in the actual episode folder. Check the S06E03 versions with the download symbol in front of it. Dunno is that was a scan list of possible downloads out of which Sonarr choose the right one?

Sonarr Download1|690x444

Finally got one season 6 episode 3 download in the correct episode folder (S06E03 WEBDL-1080).
Qualtiy profile on this series I set to HD 720p/1080p

Odd since that is the latest debug log that I turned on right after the latest episode of The Equalizer was downloaded twice, so should have everything from last night which was just two copies of the latest episode of Debris. As for being deleted no. I have complete download handling disabled. I prefer to have everything go to one folder and sort it manually myself. Not sure what you mean by original being imported. Sonarr is grabbing the correct episode and passing it to Deluge then grabbing a second copy of the same episode and passing it to Deluge. Neither file is being deleted by Sonarr or removed from Deluge by Sonarr. I’ll turn debug back on and leave it for the next week. Then we should be able to see what Sonarr is doing.


I did find this. Should I change it?

Disabled via the setting? Or by breaking it in some way?

If the former then Sonarr relies on History to prevent re-grabbing releases that haven’t imported, but disabled via another way would process releases like normal (with a 12 hour grace period between grab and the file being in the series folder).

It has to be imported to be deleted, so no effect here, but if you delete after importing then watching, yes.

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Since I can’t see anything wrong with my settings what I’m going to do is delete the logs I currently have, leave Sonarr on debug, and tonight instead of clearing shows that got sent to Deluge leave them till the morning to see what I have in Deluge then. If I have duplicates again I’ll upload the logs created between now and then.


Just looked through history and the last two shows that doubled were each downloaded in sdtv and 720p, 720p being the preferred. I just unchecked sdtv and saved.


OK out of the 4 shows 3 were downloaded twice. I manually grabbed The Flash and FBI: Most Wanted using Sonarr to search for them and out of those two FBI: Most Wanted was downloaded again. The Flash was not. The Flash right out of the gate was 720p. After that I let Sonarr automatically grab Supoergirl and FBI. These two were grabbed twice, one in what I believe SDTV and then in my preferred 720p.

Sounds like this is working as expected? SDTV release was available first and preferred, so it was grabbed and downloaded. Then the 720p release became available, is wanted (enabled as a quality in your profile), is ranked higher than SDTV (above SDTV in your profile), so it was grabbed and downloaded. Kind of how sonarr works…

I can’t see the logs (issue on my end to download from pCloud) to verify what I’m saying is correct though.

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Thanks that confirms what I suspected. I’ll just remove SDTV again and the issue should go away. Only thing with that is I might have to manually grab some of what I want if I want to watch it shortly after it aired. I’m already doing that for a couple of shows so no big deal. And worst case I’ll have the 720p’s I want the following morning grabbed automatically grabbed by Sonar. Appreciate you confirming what I thought was happening.


Just downloaded and opened the logs without issue, so not sure what’s happening on your end. I’d make one suggestion and that is to allow the upload of actual .txt files here.

we almost never need multiple log files and no one is going to dig through the 100s of thousands of lines of logs you’ve provided.

please see the wiki entry for how to provide useful log

regardless it sounds like it is performing exactly as expected and upgrading your shows based on your settings. download SDTV and upgrade to 720p

How exactly is your quality profile setup?

The issue of this thread is Shows being upgraded when set not to, but then it sounds like your profile actually allows upgrades if it’s upgrading from SDTV to HDTV 720p.

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Isn’t that basically what I said? As for the log files maybe they need tio be fixed so debug is only one file and not multiple files and the end-user can go through it and simply copy from before the problem started till just after the problem.

I’ve just gone back through quality profile both the video quality and the language and the boxes for upgrade allowed are not checked. If there is someplace else in the settings honestly i’m not seeing it.

That is exactly what the end user is supposed to do and exactly what the wiki tells you to do.

@markus101 can you add a link in the template to that logging section in the wiki

Edit a screenshot of your settings would be better btw

Removing SDTV again gave me the results I was looking for last night’s shows. Out of 7 shows 6 were in the size range I set up, and only 1 out of 7 was large than it should of been for a 42 minute show. I’m assuming with my settings it’s what Sonarr could find, which is fine cause I can either resize it myself or go get a smaller copy.

As for the rest of you comments EVERYONE else just states copy and paste the logs, NOT copy and part part of the logs. Lets not chastise the end-user for following the instructions given in the thread. @markus101 Thanks for the help it was and is greatly appreciated.