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Sonarr Ver.
Running on Linux

One thing I have noticed is a few shows have been downloading ahead of time but in error. For example, a show which aired 14 feb, s10e01 is incorrectly labeled s10e02 so sonarr thinks this is ep 2, however as ep 2 should be airing on 21st, today being 17th, this would be improbable. Is there a way to stop sonarr grabbing things which are ahead of time and if it finds it to delete it? I ask because when it happened just now, I noticed the show had been marked down as green for next week when it clearly can’t be and is actually an error, so unless someone sends out a proper, it might not have been picked up until later on.


nope. i think there was a feature request for that functionality though. basically an ignore episode until x minutes/hours after the air date/time

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