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I have a show (there maybe more than one with this issue) NCIS Los Angeles. When looking at the shows with the ALL filter applied it has a blue bar below it (indicating its complete)
However I know this show has 4 seasons missing and an episode from another season.
If I click on the show to look at the seasons\episodes the 4 missing seasons all show as Season X 0/0 (with 0/0) being in an orange box.

The Season with a missing episode (Season 3 Episode 24) shows as 23/23 (in a green box). When I expand this season it will show Episode 24 as missing.
When I renamed Episode 23 to NCIS - LA -S03E23E24 rescanned with Sonarr it now shows as 24/24 episodes in a green box.

I have a different show (New Girl) which also has seasons and episodes missing. This displays as expected in Sonarr. The only difference is that New Girl is Ended and not monitored whereas NCIS LA is continuing and monitored.

Unmonitored episodes don’t count as missing (you’ve told Sonarr you don’t want them). Make sure the affected seasons and episodes are monitored.

Ah, Thanks,

Just needed a nudge in the right direction. I didn’t realize I could monitor specific seasons (that’s what the ribbon is for on the left)

Thank you for the assistance

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