Sharing sonarr on a server


Description of issue: There is a group of people that share a seedbox with FeralHosting. The seedbox is running deluge. Each person has their own Plex server at their house. Is there a way to install sonarr on the seedbox and have it copy to the remote plex server? Can you add the same show multiple times to download to each remote plex server or add multiple remote path mappings for the same show? We are all friends so we don’t care if we can see other peoples request. Thanks


Doable if the remote server is mounted.

No, a series can be added only once.

Remote path mappings are to handle a remote download client, they have no affect on a series.

What you’re wanting to do with a single instance of Sonarr is not going to work. You may be able to do something with multiple instances of Sonarr, but you’re getting outside of the normal use-case.


Thanks for the info. That tells me that it might be better for each person to run sonarr on their plex server. If that is the case then is there a way to encrypt all of indexing traffic? My instance of deluge runs on 443. I don’t need external access to sonarr, so I don’t care if it is encrypted but I would assume I would want the traffic to the indexers encrypted?


If they’re over https they’re encrypted, your ISP could still see where you’re connecting to though.

Use a VPN or proxy if you want to lock that down further.