Shares between Ubuntu and Windows

I have Sonarr running happily on Windows with Deluge on Windows
Files are stored on the same windows server on E:\D-TVshows
This was working great for several years

Now I moved Deluge to Ubuntu which works really well but I’m at a loss with the shares
I created a mount point /mnt/server/ going to \\e\

This works… Sonarr places a torrent in Deluge and the file goes to the share /mnt/server/D-TVshow
It’s the same as before so effectively \\e\D-TVshows

Of course Sonarr (Winodws) doesn’t know where to find /mnt/server/D-TVshow and is lost, just like me.
How do I fix that in a mix of Windows and Ubuntu (without moving Sonarr to Ubuntu)

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Thanks for the quick reply
That worked :blush:

I’ll continue moving Sonarr and fileshares to Ubuntu
Small steps at a time