Setup New FX series Taboo, grabbing National Geographic Series instead


I had setup the new FX series Taboo in Sonarr, but it is pulling the schedule and files for a National Geographic series of the same name that began in 2002. The graphics and information in Sonarr retrieves the new FX series, but the files and schedule appear to be the National Geographic one.

I posted this as a bug on the GitHub Issues list, but putting it out on here to see if maybe I’m doing something wrong in setup.


You need to add the Taboo (2017) series, not the Taboo series from 2003.


I did add the Taboo (2017) series. It even shows up in Sonarr with the proper artwork, the proper description, and everything. BUT, the schedule and thus the files it fetches are the National Geographic series.


What’s the TVDB ID for it (you can get it from the TVDB link on the series details page):

The correct one is 292157:


That is the correct one. From the series page, I click on the TVDB link, and it takes me here:

The series page has the correct information, and even shows the correct 8 episodes for Season 1.

Here’s an interesting thing. On thetvdb, it’s got the original air date of 01/07/2017, although if you go look at FX’s website, it doesn’t have the premiere date until 01/10/2017. Could this just be that thetvdb is not setup correctly?


I just removed the series, deleted the media, and re-added the series, and it picked it up fine now. I’m not sure what is different this time around.


premiers in england on bbc few days earlier

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