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How do I check?

Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS

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I’m completely newb with Ubuntu and Linux. Gotten most of the doohickies done with setting up Plex on my HTPC. But I can’t seem to find any good tutorials on setting up Sonarr on Ubuntu.
I managed to get uTorrent installed. And I managed to get that to never work again. Don’t know what happened. Vuze was another option. But I can’t find anything to get that set up.
I followed some guy’s advice when I set up the Windows based one. But windows had daily crashes. So I decided to go with Linux.

Is there any kinda help file on setting it up with Vuze?
Is there anyone that did it before that can help me?
What is important?

Thanks a ton!


For sonarr,

Don’t know if sonarr supports vuze,
I know it works with utorrent and qbittorrent.


Sweet! Thanks man! I’ll go through that now…

I saw Vuze on its clients list. I somehow managed to brick my utorrent. LOL! But I’ll fix that. Can’t be too hard.

This goes through the setup for using Usenet though…

Anyone know how to set it up for qBittorrent?

Yet again. Thanks in advance. And thank you for that page! It helped with some other things I would have had to figure out later.


Settings > Download Client > giant + sign > qBittorrent > fill all required fields by looking at your qBittorrent settings (port, user/pass, …).


That simple huh?

Okay. I’ll try and get back to ya!

Aah! Awesome! It works! Thanks guys!

One more question, since I’m not dead sure about this.
Is it going to move the files when they’re done downloading?


depends how you you set it up

Also being that you mostly need to seed the files you don’t want it to move the files.


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