Series views are different at different machines

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Win 10
*Debug logs *:
Description of issue:
Two different machines both Win 10 and the Series view results are different.

Series view is a bit messed up when using a pc where it’s installed, in the other hand this pc series view is normal. (see the screenshots)

If there is a note on debug logs about “Multiple root folders are missing:” don’t mind it, I just rebooted my NAS.

Oh, and reason why sonarr is installed to pc and not to QNap NAS is that I want to test/try/screw up before I do anything else… :smiley:

It should look like this on the pc where I installed Sonarr
(Yellow highlighted areas are different, not the problem)

But it looks instead of this.


Browser cache issue? Try Ctrl+F5

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CTRL+F5 didn’t help, went to the vivaldi browser V-Tools-Clear history.

Thanks, I feel stupid… just because normal refresh and that CTRL+F5 didn’t help…

Edit: It worked…