Series using wrong tag in search

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OS: Ubuntu
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I’m new to using SONARR for actual downloading. I mainly used it just to monitor series and wrote my own program to let me know what to download and did it manually.

So now trying to get it where it is a bit easier and I added tags to my series. I added the first tag to a great number (TAG1) and another tag to a couple series (TAG2). Each series only had one tag to look for. So when I went to search for my series that had TAG2, it says nothing is found but when I search I find the right torrent but there is an exclamation that says “Does not contain one of the required terms: TAG1”.

Am I doing something wrong here? I would expect for the couple of series that I specify TAG2 it would search for only TAG2 and for TAG1 it would search for only TAG1.

I’m not following what you’re having issues with exactly, it sounds like you might be conflating tags and release profile restrictions. Release profiles that have zero tags apply to all series. Not sure what you mean by tags limiting searches, tags don’t affect searching.

Yeah you can disregard. I wasn’t fully clear on how the tags work (seems to be a common occurrence). I think I’ve got it nailed down the way I need it to be.