Series runtime is 0 - good sam

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OS: Ubuntu
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Keep getting Series runtime is 0, unable to validate size until it is available with this show. Won’t even let me manually set a torrent to download. Trued refreshing series and the show has a runtime on tvdb.

See the FAQ - TVDB takes ~30-48 hours to update mostly due to their api

Given that this seems to happen reasonably often with new series, and it completely prevents Sonarr from grabbing any release, would it be worth adding a workaround - i.e., either allow the runtime to be set manually, or allow the user to set a default size limit for series with a runtime of 0.

This does not happen often at all - it is typically only a handful of series, typically disney or Netflix, that have no information

It happens to me a few times a year, which you may not think of as often but considering it prevents Sonarr from working as it should, surely once is too often.