Series Priority


I would love to see a way to put a priority on a series being downloaded (force usenet/high torrent) either in the edit series dialog or tags on the Download Client settings page similar to the Profiles page. This would make sure that new episodes of my favorite shows are downloaded first each night.

Thanks for all the hard work.


I would think the tags could do this now.

Use a tag for Priority w/ a very short time wait time (if any), and prefer usenet or torrent as you like. (I forget, is there a no-pref option for that?)


@tymanthius, thanks for the reply. I’ve tried to figure it out but I don’t see any setting to tell sonarr to force priority. I can create a new delay profile with usenet only and set the delay for a negative number but I don’t really know if that will tell it to force priority in Sab/NZBget/deluge.

Anyone out there done this before? An example would be Game of Thrones, every Sunday a bunch of shows air and I’d like Sonarr to set the GoT episode at Force priority in NZBget to make sure it downloads before anything else that may have been in the queue beforehand.


Ok, I misunderstood. You’re wanting to bump it to the top of the list in nzbget etc. Yea . . . For get or Sab that may be easy to set up.

Sonar already pushes a category name. Shouldn’t be too hard for the devs to allow cat name to set by tag or series. Then just tell Sab/Get that those cat’s are higher.

No idea if torrent clients can do that.


+1 to this request, I was about to suggest it myself and found it in search.


I just created an account just to request this facility!


i could have sworn this already existed but it doesnt. you cant tag a download client. wonder why not

if you could then you would be able to create another identical entry for the same download client and set the priority in that one to force/high, then apply that same tag to a series you want priority on.


Feature request to tag download clients:


Not sure how that would work. What I’m looking for is the ability to set download priority for individual series. ie set TWD to very high, GA to nornal, BOTG to low. At the moment everything gets one of two priorities depending on the age so the NZBget api obviously supports passing the priority.