Series Option to Auto-Delete Old Episodes


I want to suggest a feature that would let you set an option for each series to only keep a certain number of episodes on a rolling basis. This would be especially useful for daily series.

For instance, I’m living outside of the US for a while so I have Sonarr download the Daily Show, Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, news shows, etc and I watch them the next day. It’s not important to me to watch every single episode or to keep episodes around forever. I just like having them around to keep up with the US when I have time. Right now, I have to go through my folders every couple weeks and delete all the episodes that have built up to clear space. This would streamline that process a lot.

I would like an option for each series where I could tell it to keep a certain number of episodes. Like for instance with the Late Show, I’d choose something like 3 or 5 because I only care about watching recent episodes. Sonarr would keep that many episodes and delete the oldest one when it downloads the newest one.


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