Series naming issue

Imdb tt7671068
Tvdb 351915

The show is Grand hotel US. I did search for it in the form and I did find it. But here is the issue. It was originally correct on Sonarr to match the releases but a request was made to change it because the databases did not match to what was in sonarr. TVDB and IMDB have the Show listed as just Grand Hotel and the releases are coming out as Grand Hotel US. But there is another show from 2011 named Grand Hotel

Do I fill out the form and request to also add Grand Hotel US? not sure of the path to fixing this issue.

IMDB can be discounted, sonarr gets data from
That said, I feel like thetvdb is wrong too. Normal policy there, when series have the same name, is to add the year to the new series.

So it should be:

  • “Grand Hotel”
  • “Grand Hotel (2019)”
    instead of
  • “Grand Hotel (2011)”
  • “Grand Hotel”

on imho.

Then there is the “US” suffix. Probably this is just something the release groups are adding to differentiate between the old and new series.
I don’t know this series so I can’t comment, but thetvdb has a very harsh stance on the name of series etc. So however the original airing network does it, that’s how it will be named, numbered, etc. If you can find “official” evidence that it should be called “Grand Hotel US”, then the name needs to be changed to that on thetvdb.
The exception being the addition of the year to the name of newer duplicate series, which is the most likely scenario. Consider e.g. “Battlestar Galactica” and “Battlestar Galactica (2003)”, which are the original 1978 and, well… 2003 series respectively.

In any case you need to request an alias so sonarr knows that releases called “Grand Hotel US” are for the new series.

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