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OS: Synology DSM
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Description of issue: After migrating from SickBeard Custom to Sonarr, I am facing the current issue:
In Sickbeard, I used the following naming convention:
Season %0S/%S.N.S%0SE%0E.%EN (Season 02/Show.Name.S02E03E04E05.Ep Name.ext)
Example: The.Goldbergs.2013.S06E01.Sixteen Candles.mkv

This resulted in Kodi to recognize the season and series name properly.

After switching to Sonarr, my naming convention is as follow:
{Series Title}.S{season:00}E{episode:00}.{Episode Title} (The Series Title (2010).S01E01.Episode Title)
Example: The Goldbergs (2013).S06E12.The Pina Colada Episode

The issue I am facing is that Kodi (v18.1) does recognize the titles formatted by Sickbeard (The.Goldbergs.2013) but does not recognize episodes formatted with the Sonarr naming convention (The Goldbergs (2013) ).

Is there a way to use the exact same naming convention in Sonarr as I used in Sickbeard?

My Kodi is set to use the for finding episode names.


to get The.Goldbergs.2013 would be {Series.CleanTitle}

to get The Goldbergs 2013 would be {Series CleanTitle}

i couldnt work out if you actually wanted spaces or dots


The.Goldbergs.2013 would be {Series.CleanTitle} is the one I need. I’ll try that tonight, thanks for the quick reply.


Tbh I stopped trying to make Kodi behave. I have let sonarr generate metadata (nfo, images) for Kodi for years now, and set Kodi to use local file info only.
I can name files/folders however I want, not however Kodi’s parser feels they should be named.

Just offering it as an alternative, maybe for others.

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