Series mix with paradise

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Description of issue:
Paradise and Paradise Norway is mixed up on matching.
Paradise Norway have an alias called “Paradise”, which make paradise episodes not match Due to that alias - “Paradise matches an alias for series with TVDB ID: 420581”
Both series have an alias called "Paradise SXXEXX ". I don’t know if that works. If they do, then I think Paradise Norway only needs the “Paradise” alias removed.
Can you help with this?

TVDBId 420581 is “Paradise Norway” aliased as “Paradise” and aliased as Paradise SXXEXX Norwegian with submitted SceneName Paradise.SXXEXX.Norwegian

TVDBId 419813 is “Paradise” aliased as “Paradise SXXEXX DANISH” with submitted SceneName “Paradise.SXXEXX.DANISH”

These will need filter regex applied based on the country/language.

Paradise Norway only needs the “Paradise” alias removed.

No as this will break releases for Paradise Norway being released as Paradise; the scene names just need additional filtering applied.

Make sense that it will break for paradise norway.

Who can add this regex filter? Someone here in the forum, or do we need to submit it elsewhere?

Dropped a TLDR and link in the dev channel on discord :slight_smile:

Thanks mate. I’ll follow from there

The series that has a title that exactly matches the release name of Paradise doesn’t need an alias, thus the rejections for those on the request form. Then someone added more aliases without any information so they got added directly, not that they do anything except make noise and extra work for us.

Thanks for opening this thread to clear it up instead of jamming more crap into the request form.