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Mono Version
ubuntu 18.04
debug logs:

Download/wanted not displaying actual wanted

I have noticed that the downloaded/wanted display, in the list, no longer gives the right number of wanted but seems to mimic the number downloaded instead of needed. It does, however, list missing or needed if its a new entry,

Perhaps I am wrong but I swear it used to list the needed or missing



Depends if they are monitored and have aired. That hasn’t changed in years.


Thanks for the reply.

I am talking about shows that have not been aired and are monitored. I kinda depend on the show list to tell me when I have the whole show. I can’t do that anymore. Its doing it to every show now. My current list has 2 shows that are showing the right numbers and that is because they are new. All the old shows give me the same numbers for missing and downloaded.

Pretty strange…

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