Seasons With No Season Number Default To Season 1


Basically what it says in the title. I was downloading some episodes of a show the other day that was at that time still airing, and the site had unfortunately neglected to place “season 1” in the title - the first season was still airing and there were no other seasons. I had to go and manual search+download the episodes because Sonarr flagged them as “unwanted/unrecognised season.”

A few days ago, the season finished and season packs were put up - naturally, those say “season 1,” and there’s no way anybody would upload episodes from a season later than 1 without putting the season name in the title. Still, I can see why you might neglect to put “season 1” if that is the only season, even if it’s a pain.

Any chance for an option (maybe toggleable) so that episodes without a parseable season number are treated as season 1?


In some cases they are (for mini-series), but a number on it’s own without a season number is often an absolute episode number. There really isn’t a good way to differentiate between it being an absolute episode number or the episode number without a season.

In the future we do have plans to use the series information we have to influence the parsing further, but there are no short term plans for that.


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