Season monitor toggle option that doesnt change the existing episode state

i can click on the “badge” icon to monitor or unmonitor a season but that also toggles the status of all the episodes within that season.

typically i dont watch specials but doctor who keeps adding episodes in there that arent actually what youd think of as specials (ie beihind the scenes type stuff)

anyway, what im asking for is the ability to shift (pick a modifier) click on that badge and all it does is toggle the season status, and doesnt touch the episodes.

that way i can turn it on without then having to turn off 150+ epsiodes

From what I’ve seen the only things that make it to the calendar are the actual episodes for a season and the specials not including the behind the scenes stuff / extras.

this isnt about what does or does not make it to the calendar though, its about the episode monitored state at the series level.

this also isnt specifically about specials. sometimes youll turn off a season thinking it has ended, only to find it was a half season and there are now a few new episodes available (and possibly more coming) but because you disabled the season they arent being monitored.

the only option you have in this case is to enable monitor for the season, which then enables monitor for all episodes in that season.

i would like the ability to only change the monitor state of the season - and not alter the monitor state of the episodes underneath.

this way i can turn the season back on, then also enable it for any episodes i have missed, and any future new ones will also get monitored from now on as well.

basically i only want to have change whats new, not have to go back redo all the episodes in a season.

monitoring is hierarchical

if you unmonitor a season then you’ve told sonarr you don’t care about the entire season and to not do anything with it

You can already accomplish this using season pass editor; how do those monitor episodes options not help?

That’s on you for assuming. I do it episode by episode cause I’ve made the same mistake in the past. Then you have the rare occasion when for whatever reason weeks or months down the line they add to the season, not talking about seasons we know are split but seasons that by everyone had ended.

I do get this and DuckieTV has a feature where you can block seeing specials on the calendar and thus I believe not auto download them.

sure, but i seriously doubt its at the structural/db level is it?

i would have expected it to be in the code where you toggle the monitor state for a season it goes and grabs all the ep records for that season and sets the monitor flag on them to match.

perhaps you would care to share how to do it?

i cant seem to work out how to adjust episode monitoring in there, it seems to be all series based.
some of the options are for episodes but theyre essentially “global”, i cant pick a specific season/specials and only play with the monitor status of those episodes.
the season icon there has the same functionality as the series page (turn it on and all eps in that season are monitored)

ie. i can turn on monitoring a specific season by clicking on its badge/flag" icon (which is the same as the one in the series page) and all eps get enabled as well - how do i turn off all the eps in that particular season while leaving the season monitored?

i could potentially sometimes use the latest season option but then that would turn off eps from the non latest season that ive still got enabled (still looking for better quality), when i really only want to adjust a single season.

realistically its not what im requesting anyway as i may have some eps that are already unmonitored or monitored, and i dont want them to change - thus only toggling the seasons monitor state and leaving everything else alone.

yes it is, and i created this feature request to make that stupidity much less of a hassle when i have to go and fix it.

again, this is nothing to do with the calendar - i am only concerned with the monitoring status.

So why you want is some mass editor that allows you to manually toggle every single episode?

You have a 0.00000000001% use case that is already covered by existing methods yet you just don’t like them.

If you don’t want episodes in a season then unmonitor those specific episodes. I don’t know what’s so hard or conplicated about it.

This absolutely isn’t a 0.00000000001% use case.

Often when I add a series, there will be a Specials season with loads of featurette-type episodes, and a few episodes that are actually a part of the series, just not a part of any specific season. If I want to download those but not the featurettes, the only option is to monitor the entire Specials season and then individual unmonitor all the featurette-type episodes.

It would be great to turn on monitoring of the season but leave all the episodes unmonitored, so I could then just manually monitor the few episodes I want.

Toggling season monitored status does two things:

  • Toggles all episodes to match
  • Is used as the monitored state for any new episodes added to the season

Unlike series monitored state, the season being monitored has no bearing on the episode being monitored, it’s not part of the download decision logic.

We’re not going to change the behaviour of season monitored state, you can either leave the season unmonitored and monitor just the episodes you care about (great for specials where you don’t necessarily want to monitor every new episode in it) or you can shift-click (on desktop) to unmonitor episodes in batch.

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nope, not at all, the season monitor action does that already so why would i need it?

i would like to be able to toggle the season monitor status without it changing any of that seasons existing episode monitor status. that way anything i’ve downloaded or no longer need will stay unmonitored, and any new episodes will get monitored. i dont have to clean up.

i do that now. sure, its not “hard” or “complicated” but it is tedious - thats why i raised this feature request - im asking for a quality of life improvement so i dont have to wade through all that every time it happens.

and what im requesting is a way to do that, just without the first part (leave the episodes alone). like shift clicking on it instead of a normal click.

im not asking for that - i want that left alone because i want any new episodes added to the season to be monitored. i just dont want turning the season on/off to also turn the episodes on/off as then i have to go and clean up the episode states back to what they were.

That’s exactly what Markus said we will not be changing the functionality of if I’m reading his post correctly.

that’d be a denial.

There’s much wider use cases for season monitor status toggling the whole season rather than it not changing anything to fit your extremely niche use case that has perfectly acceptable workarounds.

In your example case you’d flip the flag and then shift click the episodes within the season to monitor/unmonitor them, despite it being more clicks it’s more consistent with other list multi-select behaviour and doesn’t require another option / modifier key that will inevitably be hard to discover / remember.

yes, this is what i already do because there is no alternative, and thus this request.

although i had no idea you could shift click the episode monitor flag to toggle multiple entries so thats nice to learn - not much to indicate that you can do that though… some extra text there might be handy.

if shift for the modifier is too close to multi select and you think it will confuse users then pick a different modifier, alt perhaps, or control.

its not difficult to add a bit more text to the mouseover text though. the current text is ambiguous anyway. “monitored, click to unmonitor” isnt what it actually does as it makes no mention that it will reset all the eps as well.

it could be changed to “monitored, click to unmonitor all episodes” which would then be clearer, in which case extending it to “monitored, click to unmonitor all episodes, modifier click to unmonitor new episodes” makes the two options explicitly clear, makes it immediately discoverable, and removes the hassle of having to remember it (if the request was implemented). and vice versa for the unmonitored text/action.