Search by series

Is there an existing issue for this?

  • I have searched the existing issues

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe

There are a lot of old series that when searched do not come up as S1/S01 or just plain has all the seasons in one index. This causes those indexes to be skipped as “unknown series” which they typically are either the only one available or have the highest peer count.

Describe the solution you’d like

I’d like the auto-search to be able to recognize non-season items for the entire series. Included with the auto-search should be the manual search for the series. I understand right now I can manually search seasons and episodes so this is just a tier higher.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

The alternative I’ve found so far is to search my indexer without sonnar and use filebot to import. After that I can refresh the series on sonnar so it doesn’t search again.

Anything else?

No real mockups, just looking for series search functionality like there is season and episode search functionality. Often times the indexes in question will return either “Foo” or “Foo 1-48” instead of “Foo S01” or “Foo 12”.

No plans for series pack search support.

you can queue them up into your download client manually and then manually import from the queue if sonarr cannot (likely)

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