Scene naming map sheet says added for "The End of the F***ing World" but it's not working


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Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Docker
Description of issue:
I’m trying to have Sonarr fetch “The End of the F***ing World”. The releases on Usenet are titled like “The End of the Fucking World” causing Sonarr to ignore them. When I look at the request sheet here:

I see this request has already been “added” but it’s not showing up for me. I don’t want to create a duplicate request, but it seems like it wasn’t actually added.


It definitely exists:

"title": "The End of the Fucking World",
"searchTitle": "The End of the Fucking World",
"season": -1,
"tvdbId": 336522

Right from which Sonarr uses for getting the aliases.


Ah, I see what happened. There’s several entries for this on TvDB. I switched to the one referenced in the scene mapping json and all is well. Thanks!

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