Scene Mappings contains a conflict for tvdbids 412366,79349. Please notify Sonarr developers

Sonarr version (exact version): - Mar 13 2020 Installed
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
Debug logs:

Description of issue:
Updating Dexter this morning and Sonarr won’t import any of the new episodes downloaded. Gives the aforementioned error

Link to debug log :

Sonarr v2 is not supported and has not been supported for nearly a year and a half; upgrade to v3

Windows 7 is not supported; you should upgrade to an OS that is supported by the developer

Sonarr is one of those pieces of software that seems to just work and take care of itself. I was under the impression that Sonarr updated itself and recently did to the aforementioned version in v2. I didn’t know about v3. I’d of thought it would’ve notified me in some way like it has for other features that are deprecated.

v3 resolved the issue