Scanned file by sonarr

Sonarr version (exact version):

I cannot settle the report of my downloads I explain:

  • in sonarr my series are classified at this root:
    / Volumes / HDD_4 / TV Series / XXsTVTVXX Series
  • my torrent client is configured to send the DLs to this folder:
    / Volumes / HDD_4 / DL
  • when a torrent is finished downloading sonarr seems not to detect

To detect it I have to adjust my torrent client:
/ Volumes / HDD_4 / TV series

I’m fine, but as my media server monitors
/ Volumes / HDD_4 / TV Series /
Then it detects duplicate episodes.

I would like sonarr to scan downloads in
/ Volumes / HDD_4 / DL

What do the debug logs show?
What does Activity: Queue show?

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