Same torrent downloaded multiple times (again)

So as mentioned a few times before… It is downloading already and sonarr grabs the exact same torrent and downloads it again.

In this instance, I just so happen to be browsing a site & grab the file manually… Before sonarr realizes it is already downloading, grabs it again. This could be easily resolved by checking the torrent client prior to grabbing something (although it is unlikely that will be added).

Just figured i would post back with the actual problem incase others run into it and a possible solution. Do with the info as you will :slight_smile:

The manual grab isn’t in the Sonarr category, so Sonarr wouldn’t have seen it (torrents fetched from Deluge are filtered to the category only). If it was in the category then Sonarr would have it in it’s queue, except for the window of time between queue refreshes, but that’s not something we’re optimizing for.

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