RSS vs Interactive for Quality Upgrade

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**OS: Debian: 9.13
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I’m unsure whether I can upgrade quality as I expected. Let me explain…
Historically, I have preferred h264 over h265 download. Now all my clients support direct play of h265, I’d like to gradually “upgrade” my libraries to be h265. To do this, I added a Release Profile to prefer h265 (+20) compared to h264 (+15) - including all variant naming terms for each.

I have RSS and Automatic set for all indexers (news and torrrent). What I expected to happen was that when a new release was found via RSS, if it had a higher preferred score (i.e. +20 for h265) then it would download. However, I am getting lots of downloads for +15 even though +20 releases are available and vaalid in the interactive search.

So, I now assume that an RSS search just checks current quality vs new RSS found quality. If RSS is greater then download that. What I want is if RSS finds a better quality, it checks to see if it’s the best available quality - not just better than the currently downloaded quality. This way, I would get a gradual upgrade to h265.

Can anyone help? Either to get it to work as above, or an alternative way to auto upgrade from h264 to h265 in a controlled fashion rather than 10,000’s of upgrades queuing or having to manully upgrade?

May not be possible, but I thought I’d ask!



What you want to do is not possible exactly as described (RSS won’t trigger a search), but changing your profile would help.

  1. Remove the priority for x264
  2. Add negative priorities for anything you don’t want to grab when x264 will do (xvid for example)

This way Sonarr won’t upgrade from unknown that is probably x264 to x264 because it’s not known to be x264, but Sonarr can upgrade either unknown or x264 to x265.

Thanks Markus. That almost is what I want. However, if h265 is NOT available for new releases, I still want the h264 and I then want to grad h265 when/if it is released.

Is a large part of your library definitely not x264? Leaving the scoring (via tags for specific series) then searching those series is probably your best way to get to a known good spot then let the x265 upgrades happen.