RootFolderNotFoundException clues pls!

Mono Version
AppData directory
Startup directory

“Jul 10 13:52:58 xyz-nuc mono[1198]: [v2.0.0.5338] NzbDrone.Core.MediaFiles.EpisodeImport.RootFolderNotFoundException: Root folder ‘/media/seagatecentral/Public/Shows/’ was not found.”

I see this error on ubuntu 18.04 but can’t actually find where this paths has been defined.
Any help appreciated.


Individual series or in:

Series -> Import Existing. at the bottom there should be a list of root folders with ‘x’ to delete old obsolete ones.
(I dunno how exactly in Import Existing, it’s been a while since I ran v2)

@Taloth thx a million !

What did you mean about v2? Am I running the old version of sonnar ?

v3 is in beta. I’m just mentioning it coz the location where you can see the root folders changed.