Reverse Proxy headers to set URL Base

I use Organizr for external access, but don’t use it all the time from inside my network. I have been creating sub-domains to handle this, but have been experimenting with sub-directories.

For Deluge, it’s possible to set the base URL via a HTTP request headers. Example for nginx:

proxy_set_header X-Deluge-Base “/deluge/”;

Could we please do something similar for Sonarr/Radarr to increase flexibility?

I find a static base URL “funky” when you have domain names or individual port numbers per service with the same name sub-directory.

How so? What’s funky about them?

individual port numbers per service with the same name sub-directory

Why would you use the same baseurl for different services?

It is cosmetic for some services, but sonarr is redirecting the root, so its not so bad. But what I mean by funky is its not concise as it duplicating segmentation of services, for example:

but concise for:

so when directly accessing applications rather than going through a reverse proxy for Organizr, the base url isn’t functional in purpose, and looks “funky”.

I’m referring to the same above but with port numbers segmenting services and the base url isn’t needed because I don’t have multiple services with different root directories on that port. That port is just for one service. So the base url isn’t needed. I fully understand alot of microservices are build like this, but they aren’t microservices to me.

Using headers to set this is just an idea (good or bad), as I use it with other services and for me would give flexibility. It could also help people configure reverse-proxies as see a lot of people not setting the base url.

Why do you use a subdomain and a baseurl for the apps, that’s weird and very atypical?

It sounds like you want an explicit unique customized feature to fit your extremely niche, atypical setup :man_shrugging:

I don’t think you get it, forget about the sub-domains I have listed above, it was an example based on transition, which is still valid, it’s just a different entry point.

Many people Reverse Proxy with or without a front end like Oganizr, so it is not niche. They often have to make a choice of using domain name or sub-folder. IMO, many of these people do not have the means to do multiple domain names and often go the sub-folder route.

Again IMO, people often leave applications exposed internally and access them directly. So it is not a point of using Reverse Proxy or direct access, it’s about using both, internal and external. When Sub-Folders are used this creates cosmetic differences that I see as not concise.

If you don’t think it’s a good idea “fair do’es”, but I’m curious to see other people’s opinions of such a feature.