Revalidation of Download Clients That Are Down

I’m using Sonarr/Radarr on Synology
Package Version
x64-7.1_20240114-4 by SynoCommunity

I have a question around multiple download clients. I’ve added a second download client (both Sabnzbd) that isn’t always guaranteed to be up but I want to use as priority and I’ve set the priority setting which are working.

When testing if I turn the priority Sabnzbd instance off and it detects it’s failed it is defaulting to the lesser priority correctly but when I turn the better one back on again it’s not picking it up unless I click “test” in the client configuration.

How does this re-validate clients? Is it based on a job? How long will it take once the good one is back for it to switch over

I believe this is covered by the Check Health task, a 6 hour interval.

IIRC you cannot modify the default within Sonarr, but you can script via API to run it more frequently if you want. Not sure if that is still applicable for v4.

Thanks, yeah that’s totally way too long for my needs. I’ll have to look at the API and pop it on a NAS cronjob. Thanks

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have the system where your prio sab that isn’t always available runs make that api call rather than randomly have sonarr test it?
The script on that end could basically be “start sab, wait a few, call sonarr to test that connection”…

Not in my case. Thanks tho

Sonarr backs off trying to use download clients, this escalates, up to 24 hours. The health check will recheck things, same as testing does, but when the back off expires Sonarr will also reattempt to connect as it does it’s normal operations to talk to SAB.