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We currently have the ability to set general restrictions for all our shows under settings > indexers, which for the most part is great and it does it’s job well, however I recently discovered a problem with one of my shows were it would get leaked early and this sometimes wouldn’t be the full episode or there would be issues with that episode forcing me to unmonitor, delete the file and manually download once the official episode airs.

So after googling I discovered that other users had the same issue except devs wouldn’t allow their suggested feature due to the problems it would cause, which is understandable, but it made me think about using restrictions, the only problem is that the group which released the leak also tends to release episodes for a lot of other shows and this could cause some shows not to download if I add them to Must Not Contain, which is why I thought about if we had more control over restrictions, similar to the quality profile, we could setup a restriction profile and apply it to a series so that only that series could be affected by those restrictions.


You can already do that with Tags, set a tag on the release restriction and the same tag on the applicable series.


Sorry I didn’t see that when looking through sonarr, that’s perfect thank you.

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