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Sonarr version (exact version):
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OS: Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS
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My final goal is:
Shows added will by default only download files with the following words contained:
DKsubs, custom, customdk, retail, nordic, sublime, rapidcows, substance, dksubs
I would like to be able to manually make exceptions for some shows, which aren’t matched with the above.

I have made a restriction so that every series must contain the following words: DKsubs, custom, customdk, retail, nordic, sublime, rapidcows, substance, dksubs
by default (no tag). This seems to be working wonderfully, I always get a release i need… The problem is that when I need to make an exception (some shows aren’t released by the mentioned groups).

What I’ve tried:
1 Restriction with must not contain “test”, nothing in must contain:
1 Restriction with must contain: “1080p, 720p”
2 Restrictions, one for must contain: 1080p and another for must contain: 720p

each of them with a tag, that I’ve then applied to the series in question.
They seem not to apply, so I’m guessing the default profile overrides the options.

How would you go about setting this up?

Thanks in advance


What you want is impossible to do with the default profile, because it will apply to all series as you deducted already.
You’ll have to create separate profiles (one for the dksub stuff and one for exceptions) and apply to series as needed.


Okay, I’ll do that. Thanks :slight_smile:

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