Restarting Sonar


I put in a username and password for Sonarr, but can’t remember what it is. I have done research and changed the XML config file to the following:


but it is still asking me for a password. I have read that I need to restart Sonarr, but I do not know how to do this without logging in - would someone be able to tell me?

I am using Sonarr on Windows 10.

Thanks in advance - Alex

apologies - it was changed to “AuthenticationMethod>None”

for whatever reason, whenever I post proper command, it doesn’t show the second portion - one last try:

AuthenticationMethod> None (without the spaces)

Use code formatting for posting stuff like that :slight_smile: It’s either the icon in the text editor when you reply here that looks like </> or surround your code with backticks ````

Thanks! This is all I have done to try and fix the login issues.


Any other suggestions?

Yes, you need to restart Sonarr, either restart the service or end the task and start it again, if all else fails, restart your PC.

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