Reset Series Type for Existing Show

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Recently our Sonarr installation was wiped out and we had to start from scratch and reseed our Sonarr DB again. As a result and due to how Mass Importer works, I had to do a hack-around which involved scanning folder names and making cross requests to the lookup API to obtain details (enough to seed the Series table) with the shows we had. It appears that I might have missed a section in which the series types was not populated correctly. As such, regular shows, say Modern Family, a standard), may be incorrectly marked as a daily while a daily like The Price is Right or Talk show is marked as standard.

Is there a way to force reset the series type for existing shows or will I need to write a hack-job to iterate through and cross reference TVDBIDs with the lookup API and validate the series type?


Series > Mass Editor can do this in a pinch. Assuming you know from the series name what the type should be.

Unfortunately that’s not an option as there are over 3000 series to modify and edit, so manually via mass editor is not really feasible. That’s why I was wondering if there was a way to force a refresh of attributes from TVDB to get that information again and overwrite existing.

So I ended up writing a script to iterate through all the TV shows currently in Sonarr and setup a new Sonarr installation for TVDB proxy. Query against the new Sonarr for the series type, grab show data details, replace seriesType, send patch, iterate through next.

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