[Request] Multiple Cutoff Profiles


can you add multiple cutoff profiles for instance, if its in your quality profile it should mead the cutoff requirements. Or at least have the option to select more than one cutoff profile, Thanks.


Cutoff is meets or exceeds the selected quality, there doesn’t need to be multiple cutoffs.


I am using a 1080p quality profile, including 1080p webdl and 1080p hdtv with 1080p webdl as the cut off. But, I seem to get multiple downloads even after the first download is 1080p. so, i think having multiple cutoff will help fix this.


That’s unlikely to change anything.

Sounds like the cutoff hasn’t been met so another release is grabbed, set the cutoff to the lowest wanted quality in that case or a proper/repack is grabbed, which is to fix an issue with the original release, that’ll only happen for the exact same quality and “ignores” the cutoff, but you can turn that off if you want.


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