Replace colon with semi-colon

When it comes to sonarr naming titles that use colons, is there a way to have it substitute with a semi-colon? Seems like the logical choice since it closely resembles a colon in raw file management (visually appeasing).

Moreover, TVDB seems to translate it correctly, as if it were a colon. I was using the ratio character which is almost identical to the colon; visually it’s great but TVDB had issues translating it sometimes. I also recall having issues with dashes, and given that the dash is already used between titles, season and ep #, and ep title, I didn’t want to overuse this character as a replacement; besides making the filename look cluttered and incoherent, the dash makes it slightly difficult to interpret the original name of the title (when in a raw file management environment), whereas a semi-colon easily tricks the eye.

Going further, by using a distinguishable substitute character for colons (e.g., semi-colon), it offers adaptability for renaming tools (search and replace, regexp, batch rename). The more character variation in filename formatting/structuring, the better, since this directly caters to bulk rename functions. If a dash is used for virtually every formatting replacement scenario, it offers no future flexibility in renaming.

Also, for TV titles that use hyphens, I don’t mind using them since they will match the title perfectly, but I’d like to distinguish titles using hyphens from titles using colons, and so forth; I can’t do that if a hyphen is used exclusively for all illegal characters. Seems like good practice to avoid ambiguity when possible, and in this case it’s easy to do so by using distinguishable characters.

Is there a workaround or script I can use to accomplish this?

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