Repack by different group

I am curious if there is a way to over-ride the default of v3 to allow repacks by a different group. I can not find anything in the settings.

@markus101 stated here at the end that “It’s not grabbing it because the release group is not the same, that is not a bug.” (the issue there is different than what I am talking about, he just gave some informative information in that little spot that does apply to my needs)

I have not come across this rejection in v2 - maybe I missed it.

The problem is that sometimes my indexers don’t have the original version in the higher quality. It only has the repack by a different group in the different quality. Maybe the original group doesn’t allow my indexers to get their original content - I don’t know. Also, sometimes the original doesn’t have all the files, so again, the repack is useful.

Other than brand loyalty, I am not sure why the repack by another group is rejected. Not challenging anyone, just not understanding the purpose.

In any event, I would prefer the highest quality even if it is a repack. Some information or help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A repack is a fixed release for a previous release by the same group. A proper is a fixed release for a release by a different group. Propers and repacks only apply to the exact same quality. You’ll never have a HDTV 720p repack replace a HDTV 480p release.

That really has nothing to do with repacks and propers, but your quality profiles, if you want higher quality releases allow your profiles to upgrade qualities and set the “Upgrade Until” to a quality you’re happy with and Sonarr will upgrade until it hits that point.

Thank you for that information, that was helpful.

So I get that it will upgrade till the quality is met. I have mine set to UHD as I don’t download that much so the extra downloading is a none issue for me.

The issue is in the quality of the release. On usenet, not all versions of a given quality are the same. For whatever reason the first uploader of any quality tends to be over-stepped on (ie they compress it till you have tons of artifacts in the picture). The later uploads tend to be better quality.

In v2 it would redownload a given quality (usually a better quality version) until the cut-off is met (which isn’t met, unless there is a UHD version). v3 doesn’t do that. In fact, I get errors when I do a manual search that says it wasn’t downloaded due to the repack being a different release group.

I was just pointing out that it isn’t downloading a newer version of the same quality if the cut-off wasn’t met. It sounds like this is now the intended behavior for v3. Thanks for the info

That’s expected, repacks only apply to the same release group.

That should never happen, unless it’s a proper/repack.

Sounds like a release group (or groups) you should block.

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